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Each year the Houston Chemical Association awards scholarships to graduating high school seniors and individuals enrolled in higher education. Members of the Houston Chemical Association must attend a minimum of three (3) monthly meetings/luncheons during the season (be physically present) and must participate in at least one (1) special event. Members must be a qualified member in good standing with the HCA for a minimum of twelve months in order for their children to be eligible for the Houston Chemical Association Scholarship. The HCA season is from July 1 to June 30. Members' children are then qualified to apply for the Houston Chemical Association Scholarship in pursuit of advanced education at an accredited university, college, or vocational school. They must be registered as a full time student. Applications are accepted March 1 through July 31. Application forms can be downloaded or by contacting the Administrative Assistant at, or by writing to 12436 FM 1960 W, PMB #158, Houston, TX 77065.

The President of the Houston Chemical Association appoints a Scholarship Committee Chairperson as the position becomes vacant. The Committee consists of a minimum of five (5) members. These members will be selected from the Executive Committee and/or qualified Association Members to review applications. Scholarship Committee Members must be unaffiliated with the applicants and unbiased in the selection process.

Presentation of the Houston Chemical Association Scholarships will take place during the first luncheon in September. Scholarship recipients, at no charge, may attend this luncheon with their parent(s) to receive their scholarships. If a recipient is not able to attend the luncheon, then the scholarship check will be presented to the parent(s), if in attendance. If neither the recipient nor the parent is in attendance, the scholarship check will be sent to the recipient's address via U.S. Mail.

All Houston Chemical Association Scholarship recipients will be recognized at the annual Houston Chemical Christmas Scholarship Social, held in December. A poster with the recipient's pictures and short biography will be displayed at the event.

Click here to see recent and past scholarship recipients.

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